Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 11

I think there is a huge plot hole in this show.  If someone has another opinion on this I would love to have it explained to me.

In this episode Callen's girlfriend gets drawn into a case and Callen is made to stay away because he can't let her know he is a federal agent.  This makes no sense to me since the team goes all over Los Angeles introducing themselves by their actual names as federal agents to suspects and informants.

How are these people trustworthy with that information, but their loved ones are not?

I get that if there is a connection to their loved ones, then bad guys might target them, but since they have introduced themselves to the bad guys all the bad guys have to do is follow them to find out who their loved ones are.

I understand that their loved ones can't know details of cases they are working.  I get that they can't disclose the location of where they work.  But if they are secret agents, then stop introducing yourselves all over town.