Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monday October 1, 2007

Chuck S01E02
Some very funny things in this episode. I think the humor has staying power, but to continue to tie it to a sensable plot for more than a season will take more time to determine.

Heroes S02E02
Should Clair really get involved with a peeping Tom? And who doesn't close their curtains int he evening? Does Clair have an enhanced tollerance for pain as well as being able to heal. Being willing to jump off stuff and break her legs, cutting off toes, and so forth. I guess the cutting off of the toe goes in with testing what she is cabable of like when she first discovered her powers, but still, ouch! Wolverine said that just having his claws come through his skin each time hurt everytime. Granted this is a different show, but something to think about since a lot of this seems to rip off X-Men.

Preceived Plot holes
-Hiro doesn't stop the arrows.
-Hiro does go back in time and save Kensei.
-On the same lines and probable future plot hole: When Hiro finds out his father has been killed will he go back in time to save him? Doubtful based on what we have seen so far. Perhaps he learned from trying to go back and save his girlfriend that it is not possible.

Journeyman S01E02
Still a bit painful to watch him have to feel like he has to appologize to his wife everytime he returns, but I like how she is participating and helping him explain things and working around the problems it causes with him.

This might be able to last a while and be entertaining, but it feels like one the network won't know what to do with and give up on it.

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